Providing Contractors With Building Supplies

Throughout the construction of new homes and home improvement projects there are materials that need to be put in place to ensure that the construction is done correctly. Using everything from sheet rock and paint to plumbing and electrical building supplies Rochester NY contractors and individual homeowners can find the things that they need to complete any small or large construction project. Whether remodeling a bathroom or kitchen themselves or having the work done by professional contractors, homeowners can find all of the items that they need to successfully finish a project.

Starting with the foundation, construction crews that are building homes require a lot of lumber to build the framing that supports the house. Finding all of the lumber nails, and brackets that they need to quickly put the framing into place many people that are in the construction business rely on the lumber yards to acquire all of the building supplies Rochester NY homebuilders need to keep their projects on schedule. From trusses and roofing to I-beams and 2x4x’s the building supplies Rochester NY contractors count on for all of their materials have a complete inventory of items that are available for delivery to the developments where homebuilders are putting up a tract of new homes.

Whether the projects are designed as a remodel that may expand a room and require the removal or changes to walls or something that is being built from the ground up the building supplies Rochester NY contracts use are making it possible to construction companies to meet their deadlines and complete their framing projects so that the subs can come in and finish out the rest of the work that is done on a new home.

Protect Your Building Supplies From the Weather in an Open Truck

Do you transport building supplies in an open pickup truck, a flatbed truck, or even a flatbed tractor trailer? Much of the time the weather is either damp and rainy, or snowing (in the winter areas of North America). With the price of building supplies these days, contractors and renovation people need to protect their shipments.

You can put that expensive sheet of oak or birch plywood in your truck as is, and take your chances that it will stay sunny until you get to the job site, or on a rainy day, wrap that sheet in plastic or with a tarp. But a few miles down the road, the wind catches it and tears it off. It’s raining now and your wood is getting wet.

There is a least one product on the market that can prevent this, is reusable, made partly with recycled plastic and is easy to load. It is made of woven polyethylene and is like an envelope, or “pouch”. The open end is covered with Velcro, so that when you slide in your building materials, you seal the open end with the Velcro. It is now watertight.

The plywood pouch is just over 4 feet wide x 8 feet and can hold about 8-10 sheets of ¾” plywood or other sheet goods. This pouch is also ideal for shipping sheets of drywall. Building supply companies often ship 10-20 sheets of ½” drywall on a flatbed truck and many delivery people say it seems most people order it like this on a rainy day. The previous method has been to wrap it with a tarp (if they can find one and lots of rope or straps in the building supply yard, or wrap it in thin, flimsy plastic, holding it down with staples.

The plastic easily rips in the wind (and that’s what you get at 50 miles per hour down the road) or a few staples get left behind and are found the hard way (“ouch!”) by the drywall hanger. All this plastic ends up in the landfill. These reusable pouches eliminate that problem and help protect our fragile environment.

Other sizes are also available: you can get a 3 feet x 17 feet pouch for transporting baseboard moulding and other long boards. There are covers available for a full 32-sheet lift of drywall usually delivered by boom truck from the building supply.

There’s a pallet cover for feed companies to cover a pallet of feed, seed or other material usually shipped in paper bags. Corn seed is very expensive and makes the cost of the reusable pouch a great investment.

Almost any size pouch can be made to order. You need a mattress cover? No problem. Kayak cover? Sure. Cover for your grain drill? Absolutely. Contact the right people and you can order whatever size you need.

RV Interior Building Supplies – Where to Find What You Need

There are several ways for finding RV interior building supplies if you are considering customizing or renovating an RV or camper. Perhaps you’re even interesting in taking on the task of building an RV from the base up. This can be a complicated task unless you are already an expert at RV construction, but it also can be a great hobby for someone interested in learning the ropes of building campers. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information all in one place to learn this skill from beginning to completion, so it’s important to glean as much as you can from several sources or better yet, find someone who is already an old hand and learn from him. If you’re needing to find interior building supplies for your project, you will need to get creative.

Just as there are no complete hobby programs that really teach the skill of building RVs from scratch, there is really no one place to find all of your building supplies for campers. You usually have to get creative in tracking down all you need. For example, if you need a replacement part for an older camper, you can search online among the various suppliers of parts and hopefully you can find what you need. However, if you need to replace a much older part for a vintage RV, you may have a really hard time in locating it. Sometimes the best place to find these types of replacements is a place like Craigslist or Iwana.

You can put a free listing in the recreational vehicle section in either of these and describe what you need. You will probably have responses to your ad with either the particular part you need or with information on where you can find it. Some people have old RVs sitting around and will gladly sell you what you need. You will find that it is also cheaper to purchase from a private person than try to find a replacement part at a more expensive RV store.

For RV interior building supplies such as materials for walls, flooring, headliners, bathrooms, cabinets and appliances, you generally will need to look at speciality companies. Specialty companies usually offer certain products such as all appliances for RVs or plumbing and bathroom materials. You will generally need to decide what types of materials you need for the interior areas and then do some research for the best products for your needs. In many instances, you will probably need to look at general home building supply companies like Lowe’s or Home Depot or your nearest construction supply store to find wood, trim, plywood, wall papers, paints, cabinet fittings and other materials.

It is important to think creatively when using traditional building materials for RVs. Always keep in mind to use lighter, more flexible materials if possible. Also, try to use materials that are not extremely toxic in odor since RVs are smaller spaces and will need to outgas the strong fumes before comfortable use.